Lead Engineer at North Ridge Community Church

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Allen & Heath ML4000 at the FOH at North Ridge Community Church.

Well I have finally been put into the lead audio engineer position at the church.  This is coming at such a great time for me and my family.  The idea of getting paid for something I was doing originally as a volunteer is such a great bonus for me and especially my wife.

The position at the church has me managing not only the different systems but also the personnel of those systems, these include the areas of audio, lighting and the visual side being slides/projection and our video recording.  What is nice is that we have a dedicated scheduling person at the church office who is doing all of the scheduling of the volunteers.

I know for a fact that there has been a lot of things passed over in the audio realm as far as things not hooked up correctly and settings of system processors just overlooked.  It will be an interesting yet awesome job for me as I love a challenge and every little bit that I do tuning things will be noticeable in the room.

My training at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, the different theaters, and the numerous churches and live gigs that I have previously worked at will be very key for me.

This blog I will keep updated with the different things I have been doing at the church and how the congregation and worship team is accepting them.

Drew Brashler

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