North Ridge Community Church – Main Array Wiring Issues

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Last post I showed you some of the photographs of the room.  Now I wanted to show you the detail shots that I took of the wiring on the back of the speakers.  I would have gone up on a lift to document this but it is way too much of a hassle to remove the stairs to get the lift in the right position.

An audio tech, long before I was at the church, rewired the system at the speakers incorrectly.  Currently the high frequency/mid frequency drivers on the 4 main cluster speakers and 2 side fills are on the same amplifier channel with no delays on the system at all.  The low frequency drivers on the down fills of the main cluster are connected but the rest of the low frequency drivers of the other speakers are not connected.  Front fills are on the same amp with no delay and the two subwoofers are powered off of one amp.

Here are some of the photos of the wiring:

Here is a shot of the back of the system processor, quite good cable organizational skills eh?

This is the balanced wiring on the back of the amplifier for the front fills. Notice the awesome looking splice? This amplifier should be fed with two feeds delayed on their own.

Center Cluster

Center Cluster

Wires feeding the side fills routed from the Center Cluster.

Side Fill, Stage Left Speaker

Center Cluster, Down Fills

Center Cluster, Stage Left, Upper Speaker. Notice the wingnut wiring connectors and the speaker cables coming out of the back of the speaker?

The positive thing I have found with all of this is that their are 12 poorly labeled cables of 2 conductor speaker cable going to the main cluster from the amp room.  This means that when I rewire the system to correctly set it up I can run the four KF650e’s as tri-amped speakers and the two KF300e’s as a bi-amped speaker.  Being that it is a mono system and they are symmetrically hung in the room I can run the side fills off the same delay and eq setting.  Also I will treat the upper KF650e’s as one pair for delay and EQ and the lower pair of KF300e’s as a pair with same delay and eq.

Next thing on my list is tracing out the 12 cables in the amp room as they are not labeled!


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