Furman PowerPort Repair

WE HAVE MOVED! Please navigate to: http://dbbaudio.com/2012/furman-powerport-repair/ to see the latest from dBB Audio!



I find it amazing how much equipment in an installed venue needs repair. Little things here and there, but they are things that I normally would think I would not find in an installed venue. This is a main example of that. How did the power cable get ripped out of the back of this Furman PowerPort?


The Furman PowerPort is a remote controlled power conditioner that has a 120V AC limit of 20A. These are also called sequencers as you can place a delay time for power up and shutdown. You would do this so that you can turn on and off your entire system with one switch terminal. In a power up sequence you want your sound board, then system processor, then amps to turn on so you don’t get any “POPS” while turning your system on.

Repairing this was no big deal, but I figured that I would post a few photos from inside of it.





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