Drum Isolation Booth Installed

WE HAVE MOVED! Please navigate to: http://dbbaudio.com/2012/drum-isolation-booth-installed/ to see the latest from dBB Audio!


Yesterday some goodies arrived at the church for me. We ordered a Clearsonic Isopac A drum isolation booth from John at Muzeek World. It shipped in multiple boxes the heaviest being 116 lbs!

Setting it up was pretty simple, the most tedious part was removing the paper protection on each of the clear panels. It took two people to get the main shield upright to attach the vertical riser parts. It took us a total of about an hour to get it all setup including moving the drum set in there.

Overall space inside is great. Plenty of room to get the drums setup in there as well as a bit of room to squeeze around to place microphones.

I will be taking some dB readings today at practice to see how much different the drum volumes are on stage and in the congregation. I will revise this post after I get those readings. I imagine there will be a significant lowering in dB on the stage allowing for lower monitor volumes. Drummer inside the booth will be on headphones.

One of the main complaints of our traditional service is that the drums are too loud, and that the choir onstage gets blasted with the drums. Before this booth we had a small drum shield which mildly helped. My complaint is that the drums bled so much into the choir mics that I would get more drum overhead going into the choir mics than I wanted. So I am excited to mix with this booth.

For now here are some photos. By the our church is just finishing up a food drive, so that is why there is a bunch of peanut butter and stuff on the stage.








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