Large Format Audio Console vs. Behringer X32

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Just posting some photos of the difference in size that our old Allen & Heath ML4000 48-Channel board compared to the new Behringer X32.

What is great is that I have removed 14au of gear by upgrading to the Behringer X32.

Sound quality between the two is night and day. Without the gates engaged the noise level of the ML4000 us much higher than the X32. Also the clairity of the audio is amazing. The slightest adjustment with the eq is noticed quickly. With use of the gates the system is so clear now.

I am blown away by this mixer.

6 thoughts on “Large Format Audio Console vs. Behringer X32

  1. Hi Drew,
    Just received my X32 last week. It’s an amazing piece of hardware which I’m using together with Logic Pro 9. Thusfar It’s easy to learn coming from an analog world. Still 1 issue I can’t find and solve.

    On a single channel which is panned to left or right (doen’t matter) when I solo the channel it is ouputting on both monitor speakers which are connected just to monitor L R at the back.

    Why can’t I get it’s signal over just 1 speaker ? Regardless of how a single channel is configured, I’m always getting the sound over both speakers. Weird isn’t it.

    Ok Drew I hope you have some time reply.
    Many thanks in advange for taking the time and for your excellent vids on YouTube

    Hans Rothengatter
    The Netherlands

    • Yes, we had to get a bit more creative with our layout. But remember the X32 is really a 40 channel board with the additional line level “aux inputs”. This was what made this console feasible for us.

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