Hey guys, my name is Drew Brashler.  I am a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona.  I was married back in Dec. of 2007 to my lovely wife, Veronica, and we have had two little girls and a boy, Harper, Isla and Cullen.

I grew up in Oregon and always have had a love for photography and audio.  I started learning audio at the little age of 7.  My Dad would take me to church, and instead of going to sunday school, I would sit next to him and learn as much as I could about sound.  Later in high school I did live sound at my church and the local theater.  After that I would move down to Tempe, Arizona and attend the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences to learn Audio Engineering and Recording.

I am the lead audio engineer at a church in North Phoenix, the church is North Ridge Community Church.  Having 2 main rooms and 4 additional rooms that all have PA systems, it is quite fun keeping track of all of it.

I created this blog to talk about a few ideas I had with audio and some projects that I have been working on.  Most churches do not have a large budget to add the latest audio gear, so us audio guys get to improvise and make the best of what gear we have.  So stay tuned!

Drew Brashler


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